Vote gene rechtzigel cd4 august 9, 2022

Electing Gene Rechtzigel will bring fairness of law and order to the good people of Minnesota.
Electing Gene Rechtzigel will bring equal justice for all, for all races, all ages, and all income brackets.
Electing Gene Rechtzigel will stop the looting, will stop the arson, and will stop the rioting.
Electing Gene Rechtzigel will bring Safety and Welfare to the good people of St. Paul, the suburbs, and the people of Minnesota.

Why are you running for Congress? Equal Justice, Prosperity, and Freedom will not come from attorneys, social conservatives, and liberals, as shown by the U.S. Supreme Court in Calvary Chapel vs. Sisolak (Governor of Nevada), but will be granted by God to all who elect people into public office who are filled with the Holy Spirit of God. 

What makes you the best candidate for the job? God has shown Gene Rechtzigel the vision of Equal Justice under the law of God's Grace in providing equality, prosperity, and liberty with happiness to all joining (voting) together as one united this August 9th, 2022, as the power of the Holy Spirit of God unlocks all the blessings God has awaiting us all who in Faith step forth and vote for God's servant, Gene Rechtzigel, at your precinct voting location in Minnesota Congressional District 4, August 9th, 2022 in claiming all the blessing's God will grant us all in victory, Amen