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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gene for people;

Gene for congress!  * Gene for People is announcing, "GeneCare," as the replacement for  ObamaCare!  

Gene Rechtzigel for Congress in MN CD4

Gene Rechtzigel as your elected congressman will:

  • Provide you fully funded Social Security Benefits (No stock market risks)
  • Provide you fully with full Medicare Policy Benefits (No Cuts to Doctors) and (No Cuts to Treatments). 
  • Provide, vote for, fully funding your Pension Funds secured by law to be there in full when you need it.
  • Provide all you People with the Best Health Care & full access to the Doctor and Clinic of your choosing of orthodox medicine or alternative medicines (providing you a deduction on your income tax, property tax, or a credit).
  • Provide you with simple 30 minute income tax forms that will cut your income tax to:​ 
  • ​    Zero income tax for income under $12,000
  •     3% income tax for income over $12,000 up to $44,000
  •   12% income tax for income over $44,000 up to $144,000
  •   24% income tax for income over $144,000 up to $1,440,000
  •   36% income tax for income over $1,440,000
  •   36% Corporate tax (NO loop holes, & NO off-shore loop holes).
  • Provide you with the Right to Know what is in your food, and how it was made on the label, easily to be read.
  • Provide credits that will follow your child to the schooling type of your choosing.
  • Provide your community with tax incentives and enterprise zones that will encourage a vast expansion of family owned small businesses to keep the wealth of your labors within our communities.
  • Will implement a Super-Freeway Highway System that will rid the Twin Cities of Freeway Congestion for the next 100 years.
  • Will bring the dollars home by Terminating the Syrian Rebel War. 

I would be more than thrilled to hear from you, send me your message, opinion or an idea!

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