"Believe we can and we’re halfway there."


My name is Gene RECHTZIGEL, and I'm committed to HEARING your voice, LISTENING to your opinion and I will make the best choices I can for the people of your district.  Like you, I want to play an active role in making our community a safer, a better place to raise our children, run your business, and forge a future filled with unlimited opportunities and future promise. 

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference -- for our families, our communities, and our future!

WISHING you a inspirational, gracious, successful life!

For our health, our liberty, and our children's future.

VOTE:GENE RECHTZIGEL for CONGRESS MN CD4 at your precinct location.  I promise you, the light of this campaign will shine forth the inspired path that will bring this country back to greatness once again; Polls will open November 3, 2020 for General Election!

Working Hard For our future

​​​​​​​Gene 's background:

  • ​My mother was all Swedish and my father was all German.
  • ​I was born -again into the family of GOD, March 1, 1970.
  • ​In 1980, I was a delegate to the state convention.
  • ​In 1978 and 1980,I worked very hard for the Republican Party to get Ronald Reagan, Rudy Boschwitz, Dave Durenberger and Al Quie elected.
  • Around 1982, I was chairman of Minnesota Conservative Union, brought congressman Phil Crane into Twin Cities to speak at our annual meeting, and invited state legislators over to hear him speak, upon which, legislator McDonald also attended.
  • ​In 1994, Newt Gingrich made a contract with America and the Republican Party gained 54 seats in the house of Representatives. ​The economy was booming with Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House, the establishment then turned angry and tried and found a way to get rid of Newt Gingrich.
  • ​In 1996, I worked for Jack Kemp campaign for president. The problem was that Bob Dole had only a little over 1/3 the delegates but got the endorsement. Jack Kemp had little less than 1/3 the delegates in Burnsville and Pat Roberson the same in Burnsville; but Jack Kemp and Pat Roberson who had 60% of the delegates at the first convention ended up with NO Delegates to send to the congressional and State convention because of the UNFAIR winner-take-all Republican process.
  • ​In 2001, was the 9/11 terrorist attacks which was a result of United States failing to give Israel the military aid and power to oversee the security of the middle East. The Bush administration response was to start a war in Afghanistan and later in Iraq.
  • ​In 2003, I was for the U.S. supplying military aid and air cover for the Kurds to keep order in Iraq.
  • ​In 2008, the Republican Party should have endorsed ​Alan Keyes  for President and ​Newt Gingrich for vice president. Gene was supporting Norm Coleman for senator but lost to Al Franken after Coleman voted for T.A.R.P.
  • ​In 2009, I stopped supporting John Kline and Norm Coleman after they voted for T.A.R.P on OCT 3, 2008. TARP ( troubled asset relief program ) was put into action to bail out only the big bank's loses.
  • ​In 2016, I oppose congressman Emmer visiting Cuba, Cuba is still a communist Dictatorship and Emmer, Klobuchar and Obama may have committed some form of treason against their oath of office to ".....support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of American against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • ​Gene urgently believes the United States needs to upgrade its ​Electrical Gridagainst a large high altitude ​Electromagnetic Pulse Attackthat would fry all electronics in a huge land area or small ground electromagnetic pulse grenade ISIS terrorists attacks of which our U.S. Defense Department claims 2000 ISIS terrorists are already in our county, again our best friend Israel has warned us of these ISIS terrorists already living in our country, and are we listening and preparing for the worse.  Israel also warned us of 9/11 before it happened but did we listen?  An ounce of prevention far better than a pound of cure!
  • ​News Alert:  "THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, MAY 19, 2016, ​Biotech, Florida Town Clash Over Zika Plan"​  ​"Oxitec Ltd., British maker of genetically modified insects, plans to go door to door to persuade Key Haven, Fla., voters on the virtues of a modified mosquito."  "​Critic's of Oxitec's proposed trial are pushing back with yard signs and social -media campaigns, warning that the biotech mosquitoes aren't needed to curb diseases and could harm local ecosystems."  ​"Oxitec, owned by Virginia-based biotechnology firm Intrexon Corp., the Florida trial may pave the way for a U.S. market that could reach $100 million in annual sales, ...Wunderlich Securities Inc. Intrexon, which generated $174 million in sales last year, doesn't disclose Oxitec's revenue.
  • ​News Alert:  May 20, 2016 Minneapolis StarTribune-headline, "​Terror feared as cause in Egyptain plane crash"​  ​Congress needs to investigate into the possibilities of Electromagnetic Pulse terrorists attacks of PASSENGER JETS, AND WHY OBAMA, THE FBI, AND CIA ARE NOT INVESTIGATING FOR THAT THREAT AND DEMANDING THAT ALL PLANES BE BUILT TO WITHSTAND A ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE BOMB!
  • ​News Alert:  May 21, 2016, Minneapolis StarTribune on page 3A, "First clues in plane crash emerge as the cause remains a mystery"  ​Gene for People believes the reason the plane crash remains a mystery is because a timed delay ​Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade Bomb ​may have went off in the cargo storage area of the airplane which fry all electronics built into the Plane.  Why isn't Obama having the FBI and CIA investigating for the threat of Electromagnetic Pulse Bombs going off on Airliners?  The people have a right to know, investigations MUST BE DEMANDED?  The safety and security of the people is TOP PRIORITY!
  • ​Gene for People first warned of Oxitec on February 8, 2016, at a GOP Debate (Gene Rechtzigel Congress)(What's the buz2 in MN02: Gene Rechtzigel shares Zika mosquito conspiracy theory in GOP debate) of Oxitec being directly or indirectly or in parallel of maybe releasing the Zeka Virus with the GMO mosquitoes to create a $100 million in annual sales with no concern for the ecosystems, the bats, the birds, and the threat of damaging the people's health.  Gene for People demands the FBI and congress investigate Oxitec for a conflict of interest of putting the public at a health risk for the "love of money" of creating $100 million in annual sales.
  • ​Gene for People is for your Health!
  • ​Gene for People is for your Security!
  • ​Gene for People is for protecting your Liberty Rights!
  • ​Gene for People invites you to visit, "Urgent letter and alerts page!"
  • ​Congress needs to investigate into BIG MONEY ESTABLISHMENTS for ties to:
    1. ​Was the Zeka Virus released in parallel with GMO mosquitos to reap big money profits from government?
    2. ​Why does all this appeared planned and timed, and the FDA so willing to release GMO mosquitos which could be causing the Zeka Virus to gain all the government funding?
    3. ​Why is the 28 pages stating who caused the 9/11 attacks that created 1.6 trillion in government funding of wars since 2001 that profited the Big Money Establishment?
    4. ​Why is there not investigating with the FBI's help into the death of Justice Scalia?
    • ​Why is the threat of EMP attacks to passenger planes and the electrical grid not being treated as a top safety and security priority?


Theodore Roosevelt

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