​(1) Oct. 8, 2013 letter to Speaker Boehner.

​(2) Letter to Honor Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

​(3) Urgent Press Release of Government 28 page 9/11 COVER-UP!

​(4) Is the G.M.O.(Genetically Modified Mosquitoes) a carrier of the Zeka Virus?  Is the Zeka Virus which is harmful to unborn human babies, a man-made G.M.O. Mosquitoes virus being used by male G.M.O. Mosquitoes to kill off female Mosquitoes? Are the female Mosquitoes that do not die, shockingly impregnating human pregnant mothers with Zeka?

​(5) Gene for people says, "Let the People Decide about eating GMO Foods?"

​(6) ​Were the  GMO Mosquitoes infected with Zeka virus before being released? 

Oct. 8, 2013​​

House Speaker John Boehner

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.  20515

​Phone: (202) 225-0600

Fax: (202) 225-5117

Dear Speaker Boehner:

​America is at the cross-road of greatness or destruction; this present congress and You House Speaker Boehner will go down in history as one of greatest House Speakers of all time or one of the weakest with no backbone to Balance the Budget when your country needed You the most to do just that!

​The souls of all of our service men and women, our statesmen, politicians, and all our fellow countrymen who have sacrificed their wealth, time and life for the LIBERTY we all enjoy; that many take for granted, which now are gravely at risk of losing; if You and the Congress do not take a stand to NOT raise the national debt ceiling, but instead BALANCE THE BUDGET as all responsible and reasonable people must do to succeed financially in life.

​The American People will understand and the Stock Market too, if You do the right thing in producing and passing a bill to Balance the Budget!  If done, as history has proven in the past, the stock market will go up as in the late 90's, and You and Your fellow Congressmen will become the new super majority to be remembered in history..., as having saved this country from inflation, deficits, and financial ruin.

​This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that God has put before You to walk through to victory in Balancing the Budget.  Remember, first offer is to give the Senate and President a Balanced Budget Bill to approve and sign with only spending cuts; final offer is to give the Senate and President a Balanced Budget to sign that will eliminate ObamaCare completely in exchange for raising new taxes, to terminate ObamaCare once and for all.

Yours truly within reach of God's inspiration,

in hope of providing opportunity and prosperity,

for all,

​Gene Rechtzigel


​Cc: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Congressman John Kline


​February 18, 2016

​Letter to Honor Justice Antonin Scalia

​I am demanding that Congress hold full Congressional Hearings in the matter of how United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died.

​Justice Scalia's body will not rest in peace without the seeking of truth for why the right of an autopsy was denied, when illegal immigrants are mandated to have an autopsy in Texas.

​Justice Scalia deserves the respect of Congressional Hearings to question, seeking answers to how, why, and who caused the many violations of the United States Constitutional Rights granted unto Justice Scalia in his death.  There should be a sought after prosecution of all those failing the duty of protection over Justice Scalia, whom all American people entrusting the security of Supreme Justices, as important and worthy of protection as the Executive Branch grants unto the President.

​Justice Scalia was one of the best Supreme Court Justices this Country has ever had, including Supreme Court Justice John Jay.  Justice Scalia knew God, and was a servant in fulfilling 2nd Corinthians 3:17, "Now, the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty."

​Justice Scalia knew God, and God breathed the Spirit of the lord upon Justice Scalia with the grace to interpret and proclaim that the United States Constitution should be interpreted by original intent of God through the inspiration of the Spirit in forming the foundations of God's commanded structure of principles, priorities, and rights in protecting the blessing of Liberty for all people to fairly enjoy in dignity and character with Justice for all.

​Justice Scalia deserves the respect of Congressional Hearings because as it is written,​"the truth shall make you free."

Gene Rechtzigel

​For Congress Second District of Minnesota

​Federal Candidate ID H6MN02206



​READ THE STORY, THE WASHINGTON POST BY BOB GRAHAM (Democrat, represented Florida in U.S. Senate from 1987 to 2005) OF MAY 11 AT 7:10PM SAYING, "FORMER SENATOR: RELEASE THE UNCENSORED TRUTH ABOUT 9/11"​  Saying, "Nearly 15 years after the horrific events of 9/11...28 pages of information withheld as classified from the publicly released report of the congressional inquiry into the terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans."  "THE RELEASE OF THE 28 PAGES WOULD ALLOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO EVAUATE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS."  "On May 1,...CIA Director John Brennan...argued that the 28 pages should not be released because the American people are incapable of accurately evaluating them." 

​"With all due respect, that argument is an affront not only to the American public in general but also to all those who lost family members, loved ones and friends on that fateful September day 2001.  Americans are fully capable of reviewing the 28 pages and making up their own minds about their significance."  "I strongly believe the American people deserve to know why this issue is so important."  "...the missing 28 pages...included 'information suggesting specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers while they were in the United States.'" 

​"The release of the 28 pages would allow the American people to evaluate important questions, such as:  Should we believe that the 19 hijackers - most of whom spoke little English, had limited education and had never before visited the United States - acted alone in perpetrating the sophisticated 9/11    plot?  If so, who provided it?" 

​"Has the 13-year delay in empowering the American people with the information in the 28 pages affected national security, delayed justice of the families of the nearly 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11 or undermined the confidence of the American people in their federal government?"​ 

"Former Illinois governor...Adlai Stevenson put it best: 'As citizens of this democracy, you are the rulers and the ruled, the law-givers and the law-abiding, the beginning and the end.' "  "THAT UNIQUE STATUS GIVES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ALL THE AUTHORITY AND CAPABILITY NEEDED TO REVIEW THE 28 PAGES AND DETERMINE THE TRUTH.   IT IS LONG PAST TIME THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY."

​The​ Bolsheviks ​once said, " ​The way to control people is to keep them in the darkness.​"  Why is our ​government ​acting like the ​Bolsheviks

​by keeping the American people in darkness concern the​ TRUTH​ about 9/11​in the​28 pages?

​FACT: Gene for People (geneforpeople) was the first to bring the Zika virus story to the front in a political debate in MN CD2, forcing the danger of the Zika virus into the opening of the people's eye, at a Republican Debate on February 8, 2016; after that debate the Zika virus danger was in the news papers as major news and always has been since Gene for People broke into the open in a political debate, that other candidates are afraid of doing.

​Fact: The Zika virus is dangerous to unborn babies!

Question:  Did the Zika virus threat only show itself after the British manufacturer Oxitec release the male genetically modified mosquitoes first, in Brazil???

Question:  If the Zika virus was impregnated into the Genetically modified male mosquitoes, will the GMO modified male mosquitoes kill or harm the birds, and bats the eat them.  Will the GMO mosquitoes kill off our bat and bird populations? Could the GMO male mosquitoes, create potentially a dangerous future hybrid of mosquitoes, that could harm the environment and the general public?

​FACT:  British manufacturer Oxitec maybe will release the GMA male mosquitoes in Florida!

​Fact:  British manufacturer Oxitec said it has finalized a deal to release its modified male mosquitoes on Grand Cayman too. (See the Minneapolis StarTribune paper of Sunday, May 15, 2016, on page SH3, "Modified mosquitoes set for Grand Cayman.")

​Gene for  people (geneforpeople) demands congress start an investigation into if the British manufacturer Oxitec created either directly or indirectly the Zeka virus???

​News Alert: "Report may turn the table on GMO food"  -  Minneapolis StarTribune,  Wednesday, May 18, 2016: 

​Pros: "A 407-page report by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine...said it 'examined epidemiological data on incidence of cancers and other human-health problems over time and found no substantiated evidence that foods from GE [genetically engineered] crops were less safe than foods from non-GE crops."  "It comes as Vermont prepares to institute the country's first mandatory labeling law for foods containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, in July."  "The Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food, is funded ​by companies that support genetic engineering"​  "The coalition has been pressuring the U.S. Senate to vote on a bill that would outlaw state laws mandating GMO labels before the Vermont law takes effect."  "The committee 'did not find a food safety rationale [for mandatory labels],' executive Scott Faber said.  'But it found other compelling reasons for mandatory GMO labeling.' "  "However, some insects have developed resistance to the GE crops."  

​Cons:  ​The GMO's are creating "Superweeds" and "Superinsects" that have developed resistance to the GE crops!  Children and adults are increasingly reporting also reporting resistance to GMO grains being increasingly incorporated into human foods we eat.  Many young adults are now getting very sick on GMO foods and are turning to alternative doctors and alternative medicines for relief that ​recommend to STOP EATING GMO FOODS AND SUBSTITUTE NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOODS AND MEATS GROWN FREE-RANGE, WITHOUT HORMONES, WITHOUT INFECTION MEDICATIONS, AND WITHOUT GMO FEEDS AND WITHOUT GMO SEED, (NON-GMO CROPS). 

​Many people believe God's way is to eat Natural and Organic foods and to have your own garden, drinking natural and organic juices.

​"​Critics of genetically modified foods fired a pre-emptory shot at the report Monday, claiming the food industry made payments to the National Research Council. 'More than half of the invited authors of the new NRC study are involved in GMO development or promotion or have ties to the biotechnology industry,' the group Food and Water Watch said, citing ties in consulting and research funding.  The perceived impact of GMOs on human health has driven labeling initiatives in a number of states.  The food industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to thwart those efforts. But faced with the impending application of Vermont's law, some big companies, including Golden Valley-based General Mills, have chosen to go to a labeling scheme that will apply the Vermont GMO labeling mandate to all of their products.  The  council's report touched on the labeling debate by saying their benefits depend on how consumers use them.  ​Not having labels would deprive consumers 'of the ability to make an informed choice about each product,' the report said." 

Alert: Minneapolis Star Tribune said on Friday, June 3, 2016 on page A2 that the "Zika virus may also be transmitted by oral sex."

​Further, "Scientists raised the possibility that the Zika virus can be transmitted by oral sex -- perhaps even by kissing -- on Friday in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine describing one such case in France."

​Further, "A single incident may seem trivial. But until early this year, there was only one known instance of sexual transmission of the Zika virus -- a 2008 case in which ​a mosquito researcher,just back from Africa

​infected his wife​ ​in Colorado."


The letter to the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE admits these facts:

​1.  The researcher was "...a mosquito researcher..."

​2.  The researcher was doing research on mosquitos in 2008 (8-years ago), "...a 2008 case in which a mosquito research...."

​3.  The researcher infected his wife with the ​Zika Virus; quoting letter to NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, "one known instance of sexual transmission of the ​Zika Virus-- a 2008 case in which a mosquito researcher just back from Africa ​infected his wife in Colorado."

​4.  This proves for a connection, as early as 2008, a connection between the Zika Virus, mosquito researcher, and GMO research as it appears from the letter.

5.  Fact:  ​THE GMO MOSQUITOS WERE RELEASED FIRST, afterwards came the ​Zika Virus outbreak! 

​As also reported by back on February 2, 2016 by Elle Griffiths, "The genetically engineered insects...may have had a deadly consequence.  The Zika Virus ​outbreak currently gripping the Americas could have been sparked by the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012, critics say."


​Gene for People warned back in a February 8, 2016 Debate ("What's the buzz in MN02: Gene Rechtzigel shares Zika mosquito conspiracy theory in GOP debate" [; Bluestem Prairie, News from Greater Minnesota]) of the danger of the Zeka Virus and of a GMO Company's plan to release the Mosquito in Florida!

​Gene for People believes all GMO Mosquito's releases must be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!


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